Written Readings

  • Ideal if reading and reviewing helps you process information.

  • Designed for fairly straight-up questions not requiring much explanation.

  • Great if you prefer to interpret the information given and draw your own conclusions.

  • Easy to refer to at any time.

  • Does not require you to schedule a time.

  • A good choice if you want a perspective untouched by your own ideas and perceptions.

  • Includes one additional email, if needed, to clarify something minor about the reading, plus a discount on any follow-up questions.

My readings are very detailed and well-written. I base these prices on how long it takes me to do them at a slight discount from live readings, as I can do them at my convenience. You will receive your reading within 72 hours of ordering, usually sooner. My first several years as a professional tarot reader were spent doing hundreds of written readings, so I promise you are getting a high-quality document that has tons of useful information in it. Even the quick reading is as long as full readings I have purchased from others in the past.

Prices (Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz)

Quick reading (250–500 words) – $50 / $40 / $30

Standard reading (500–1000 words)  – $100 / $80 / $60

Detailed reading (1000–1500 words) – $150 / $120 / $90

Extended reading (+1500 words) – $200 / $160 / $120

I use tiered pricing to honor both your financial situation and my skills and time. You are required to refer to my pricing page before contacting me about a reading. 

Request a written reading

Thank you for requesting a reading! Please make sure to pay via PayPal or to @Lindsey-23 on Venmo.