Live Readings

  • Readings take place via Zoom.

  • Ideal if conversing back and forth helps you process information.

  • Best option if your question has a lot of nuance or requires explanation.

  • Great if you want concrete and specific suggestions.

  • Allows you to ask follow-up questions throughout, plus ask about other topics if there’s extra time.

  • Collaborative reading style, so your intuition works with mine to find your answers.

  • Excellent for those learning or practicing tarot, as it allows observation of methodology.

  • You are welcome to record your sessions.

My live readings are very interactive, with lots of back and forth between the two of us. I have a collaborative session style wherein I trust that you know yourself best and that my familiarity with the cards can help clarify your understanding. My goal is for you to have a better idea of how to move forward.


The length of your reading should be based on the complexity of the question(s) you want to ask. 30-minute readings are for a single, fairly straightforward question. I will not do a reading shorter than 60 minutes if a relationship is involved and I recommend at least 90 minutes if there's a fair bit of explaining to do. Longer readings are available upon request. 

Prices (Citrine / Amethyst / Rose Quartz)

30 minutes – $70 / $55 / $40

60 minutes – $140 / $110 / $80

90 minutes – $200 / $150 / $100

120 minutes – $250 / $200 / $150

I use tiered pricing to honor both your financial situation and my skills and time. You are required to refer to my pricing page before contacting me about a reading. 

Would you like to learn about written readings as well?

Request a live reading

Thank you for requesting a reading! Please make sure to pay via PayPal or to @Lindsey-23 on Venmo.