About Lindsey

Welcome! I am Lindsey Rosmarin (they/them). I've been reading tarot professionally since 2014. During that time, I've done several hundred readings for clients through written email readings and live sessions, both in person and online. I love helping others sort through their situations by mindfully crafting the question to ask the cards, then seeing what is most likely to happen. I am a big believer in free will and that there's (almost) always a way to change the outcome of your situation. I will work with you to find it so that you can be confident in what steps will lead you closer to the outcome you desire.

Since 2017, I have been teaching and mentoring as well. I have provided ongoing workshops, one-off classes and events, personalized courses and private tutoring in both tarot/oracle card reading and intuitive development. I'm still preparing a formal launch of those services, but if they are interest to you now, please send me an email.

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Lindsey is such a compassionate reader. I can genuinely say that they were one of the few people that could touch my heart. Their reading wasn’t just about divination; it was a great learning experience.


I have taken two different workshops with Lindsey. Their use of their own intuition is impressive to witness. They are able to break complicated systems into very easy and simple steps. They made me feel equipped and at ease in my discovery of my own tools to use to connect to my inner divine self.


While we've never met, the reading was so accurate, you would have thought that you had a front row seat into my life and my thoughts. I am taking your reading to heart.